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Origin Story

We are a Mother Daughter team, both of us come from creative backgrounds. People ask us about the name Marika Rose, Marika (Mary) is my grandmothers name, and we all love flowers, especially roses. So it was a perfect fit for us. Why lip butter and why all natural and organic? I have always loved lip balms, from the fun smelling ones you'd get as a kid to the plain ones just for hydration. The problem is, our lips weren't benefiting from what we were using. There were so many ingredients inside the products we were using that just are not good for us, fillers and preservatives and more. So one day I had an idea, I called my Mom and said you know why don't we make our own brand together? She loved the idea and we began our research. After months of researching, we finally had our blend that was beneficial for our skin but also as allergy conscious as possible. I suffer from horrible allergies so I wanted to make sure we would have a natural and organic blend with the least amount of allergens possible. Of course there will always be an allergy here and there that we cannot accommodate, but for the general sense we are so happy with our blends! My Moms focus is to help people in her age group and up as well. We all suffer from some kind of dryness so we will have products for many life stages. My Mom is the "chemist" she comes from a food and creative background, she researches our ingredients and their benefits and also is great with flavor pairings! Me I am more the design and function side of things, so together we make a great team!

Herb Infused Oils
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